Why Your Business Needs a Review Section: A Lesson from a Young Mother

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Getting a good school for 3-year-old Ngozi, Mrs. Ebele’s first child became a challenging task for the young mother.

This is not peculiar to Mrs. Ebele, but for a young mother living in Lagos and working a 9-5 job, you can tell the stress involved. So, she resorted to using the Internet as her best option.

One day while she was surfing the Internet in search of a good school, her attention was drawn to a neatly designed and well-structured school website. She was particularly thrilled by the review section where she spent some hours reading through the positive reviews of other parents.

Designing the Trempire Website Review Section at Ultigraph

To ascertain the authenticity of the reviews, Mrs. Ebele reached out to one of the parents. The parent assured her that she was in the right place and that she’d be making a great choice enrolling her child in the school.

Her response further encouraged Mrs. Ebele who finally got her child enrolled in the school. After a full academic session, she found out that the parents were right after all. She noticed significant development in her child’s overall performance. This also prompted her to drop her review on the website.

The experience taught Mrs.Ebele the importance of always checking the review section of any product or service she’s about to invest in. Her experience made her realize the necessity of using proper reviews as a good foundation for making decisions if she has to invest in any product or service.

From the story, it’s obvious how a review section won Mrs. Ebele’s heart and earned the school a new student.

How does this apply to you?

If you have a business website or are yet to get one, the review section is a feature you must pay attention to. This section allows previous customers to drop their positive experience with your product and services.

Importantly, this is where most of your potential clients visit before making direct contact with you. I bet you don’t want to be losing out on clients who are holding your money.

At Ultigraph designs, we pay special attention to this section when designing websites for our clients. We can do the same for you.

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