Vehicle Branding in Onitsha: Boost Your Sales and Dominate Your Target Market

Nanchis Bus Branding by Ultigraph

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Have you ever wondered why top brands like Indomie, Golden Penny, Coca-Cola, Fan Milk, etc., continue to brand their vehicles despite their deep market penetration, high sales, and rapid growth rate? The answer is simple: there is something about the psychology of vehicle branding – the visual impact, brand recall, and mobile advertising – that most small and medium businesses in Onitsha are not utilizing.

Spice up your vehicle branding in Onitsha today!

Spice up your business advertisement

If your vehicle is not branded to advertise your business, you are definitely losing customers. Put a stop to it today; let us brand your vehicle and help you channel your potential customers appropriately.

When you brand your vehicle with us, you are guaranteed the following:

1. Specific Target Market Study

A result-oriented and successful vehicle branding is knowledge-based. To this end, we always commit ourselves to conducting thorough research to understand your target market, features, and characteristics of your customers. This knowledge will contribute to the overall success of your vehicle branding.

Nanchis Bus Branding by Ultigraph

2. Quality Designs and Images

The result you get from your vehicle branding is almost directly proportional to the quality of the designs and images on the vehicle. Our teams of experienced designers are readily available to give you quality designs and images that your Onitsha audience cannot resist.

3. Compelling Written Content

It’s one thing to have written content on your branded vehicle; it is an entirely different thing for that content to be compelling enough to make your potential customers in Onitsha patronize you. We have a strong team of committed content writers who readily serve our clients’ potential customers the right words that compel them to patronize them.

Diano Bike Branding by Ultigraph

4. High-Quality Prints

We deliver your branded vehicle in premium print. With good usage, you have no fear of peeling or scratching. The print quality we deliver speaks loud enough for itself and has the sole ability to attract quality-loving customers to you.

5. Results

We invest in ourselves to ensure that all key factors such as font style, font size, colours, tagline, etc., are given their right place in the right proportion for your successful vehicle branding. With all these factors in place, we assure you of good results from your vehicle branding.

Anambra East Solution ICDP Bus Branding Design by Ultigraph

6. Proper Finishing

We assure you of clean pasting and finishing of the quality SAV print on the body of your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle branding comes out neat and good and is durable. We take pride in delivering results that not only look impressive but also withstand the test of time, ensuring your brand stays vibrant on the road.

We Are Not Limited to One

When people hear vehicle branding, it is often limited to buses only. At Ultigraph, we brand all types of vehicles in Onitsha to ensure they produce results for you. Feel free to get your cars, buses, trucks, etc., branded. Any moving vehicle can successfully be used to advertise your business. You don’t have to wait for a bus; you can use a car. You don’t have to wait for a truck; you can use your bus.

By all means, let us make your potential customers in Onitsha know that you exist. We keep it simple, memorable, and attractive. Get started today with our vehicle branding.

We are good at what we do.

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~awesomely creative.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Branding

  • Can I remove the vehicle branding without damaging my vehicle’s paint?
    Yes, the quality SAV is professionally installed and it is removable without damaging the vehicle’s paint. It’s crucial to follow proper removal procedures. You can call us for the removal service.
  • What is the nature of your vehicle branding?
    We carefully take your vehicle measurements, create the right designs for your brand, and print it on SAV (Sticker). Afterward, we brand your vehicle with it by pasting the SAV on the body of the vehicle.
  • How long does it last?
    Under proper usage conditions, our vehicle branding can last up to 1 year before any noticeable fading occurs. The longevity of the branding is influenced by factors such as weather conditions, regular vehicle washing, and overall vehicle management. In the event of fading after the 1-year mark, we recommend considering a the change of the SAV (Sticker) to maintain the visual impact and effectiveness of your advertisement.
  • Does it peel?
    No, we use high-quality stickers, and we provide a perfect finish. Under normal conditions, the stickers will not peel.
  • Must I bring my vehicle to your office for branding?
    No, we can come to your location to get your vehicle branded. Terms and conditions apply.



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