UAI Website - Mobile View

United Aid International Website Design and Development


Project Type | Web Design & Development

Date Started | 08. Mar. 2022

Client | United Aid International

Website Link |

Project Team

  • Chinaza Obinwugo
  • Christian Anuebunwa
  • John Neche Stephen
  • Nonye Anuebunwa
  • Ogochukwu Chukwukwe

Project Description

This project covers the website design and development for United Aid International. This is targeted at posterity, sustainability, and brand awareness for this noble organization.

This website design and development will go a long way to build trust in the hearts of donors, partners, and supporters, ensure proper documentation of track records, and, importantly, strengthen brand credibility and sustainability.

Company Description

United Aid International (UAI) is a charitable non-profit organization with the vision to be a world-class organization that is leading in effectiveness, impact, and scale in championing a poverty-free and fairer world in Africa.

Their programs are centred on 3 major focal points; entrepreneurship, human rights, and poverty alleviation. UAI has made tremendous marks in these areas over the past 22 years of existence and is more committed to doing more even in years to come.

Branding Colours

For United Aid International (UAI), the main colour is blue and the supporting colour is green. The blue colour represents trust, wisdom, and stability, while the green colour signifies growth, balance, and sustainability. The combination of blue and green is visually appealing, as they are complementary colours that create a sense of balance and harmony.

UAI Website - Mobile View
UAI Website – Mobile View
UAI Website - Desktop View
UAI Website – Desktop View
UAI Website – Mobile Experience – Background Song – Chi Efo by J’Dess
UAI Website - About Us
UAI Home Page
UAI Home Page
UAI Website - Mobile View
UAI Website Photos
UAI Website Photos

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