TMT Logo Display

TMT Suite Brand Design


Project Type | Branding

Date | 22-10-2016

Client | TMT Suite

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

TMT Suite being a students’ hostel needed lots of catchy graphics for advert and positioning using diverse platforms. The primary marketing medium is social media advert; hence the need for compelling and well-suited graphics. The design was made to present the wonderful features of the hostel. This created a great perception about the hostel which was the focal point of this project.

Company Description

TMT Suite is a Hostel for Students, professionally built, with the sole purpose to satisfy student’s accommodation needs.

Brand Colours

Navy Blue is the primary colour of TMT Suite. Students having confidence in this hostel is the main aim of TMT Suite, thus the blue colour choice, which gives a sense of confidence.

TMT Logo Design

The Logo is formed using an icon that depicts location or a place. Then a line art of the TMT Suite Building was clipped inside this icon. TMT Suite which is the brand’s name was also stylishly placed.

TMT Logo Make up Outline
TMT Logo Display
TMT Suite Online Advert Design
TMT Facebook Cover Design
TMT Poster Design

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