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The Akulueuno Foundation Visual Identity


Project Type | Branding

Date | 23-08-2017

Client | The Akulueuno Foundation

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

This project is geared toward creating an attractive face for Akulueuno Foundation using powerful logo and letterhead designs. The aim is to effectively depict what the brand stands for.

Company Description

The Akulueuno Foundation is an NGO conceptualized to champion and promote massive investment and good governance in Igbo land. This vision is based on the philosophy that Ndi Igbo should think home and invest there. They achieve their ultimate goals by exploring for and pinpointing business opportunities in Igbo land and present it to indigenous investors.

Brand Colours

Yellow, serving as the primary colour for Akulueno Foundation, depicts hospitability of Igbo land. Mixed with the brand’s secondary colour which is orange, a sunrise colour gradient was achieved. This combination represents the location of Igbo land in Nigeria (East), the exact location where the sun rises from. Green also acting as the secondary colour depicts wealth.

Akuluenuno Logo

Illustration of a house can be seen in the logo which depicts home. The Palm tree with green leaves illustration depicts wealth. Thus, representing Akulueuno ( invest your wealth in your homeland)

Akuluenuno Logo Display
Akuluenuno Logo Display
Akuluenuno Letter Head and Envelope Display
Akuluenuno Letter Head Display
Akuluenuno Envelope Display

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