Ijele Tea Website Design & Development


Project Type | Web Design & Development

Date Started | 15 Nov. 2022

Client | Obinwugo Farms

Website Link | ijeletea.com

Project Team

  • Chinaza Obinwugo
  • Nonye Anuebunwa
  • Samuel Odimegwu
  • Ogochukwu Chukwukwe

Project Description

Ijele Tea Website Design & Development is a project for an organic herbal tea company that is part of Obinwugo Farms. The website showcases the brand, products, and values of Ijele Tea, and educates customers about the health and wellness benefits of the herbal tea.

The website also uses design elements, customer reviews, and educational content to reinforce the brand identity and create a visual appeal. The website is responsive and ensures a seamless user experience across devices.

Company Description

Obinwugo Farms is an enterprise that aims to solve the challenges of agro-processing and health in Africa and beyond. The company has a mission to provide solutions to the many agricultural, industrial, and medical challenges endemic to the African continent and beyond, and aid general sustainability for mankind.

The company values exceptionality, integrity, innovation, and co-prosperity. One of the products of Obinwugo Farms is Ijele Tea, an organic herbal tea brand that delivers exceptional value through locally sourced agro materials, offering six herbal teas for targeted health benefits, and embodying the company values. The name Ijele means “Exceptional” in Ìgbò.

Branding Colours

The branding colors used for the project are green and yellow, with variations of dark green, light green, and light yellow. Green is the main color, as it represents nature, freshness, calming, relaxing, health, and wellness.

Yellow is the supporting color, as it represents warmth, positivity, energizing, uplifting, clarity, and freshness. These colors convey the emotional associations of the brand, and create a contrast and harmony in the design.

Ijele Tea Website Design
The mobile view
Ijele Tea Website Design
Desktop view
Ijele Tea Website Design
Welcome page
Products Display
Customers’ Review
Stores Table
Mobile View Overview
Ijele Tea Website Design
Welcome page part – desktop view
Ijele Tea Website Design
Tablet view display
Ijele Tea Website Design

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