Hyssop Tissue Paper Package Design

Hyssop Paper Industry Brand Design


Project Type | Branding

Date | 17-11-2015

Client | Hyssop Paper Industry

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

This project is aimed at creating quality and compelling package designs for her multiple products. Therefore, the focal point of this project is to give Hyssop products competitive advantage and to make her stand out in her niche market.

Company Description

Hyssop Paper Industry focuses on quality paper products. Her products include: Hyssop Tissue Paper and Clever Tissue Paper.

Brand Colours

Pink is the primary colour for Hyssop Paper industry. This colour choice was inspired by the colour of the flower of a Hyssop plant.

For the Clever Tissue Paper, Navy Blue being the primary colour of choice depicts relevance, and authority making it a wise colour choice for the brand.

The Logo has Hyssop Plant illustration, to reflect the brand’s name. 

Hyssop Paper Industry Logo Display
Hyssop Paper Industry Logo Display
Hyssop Tissue Paper Logo
Hyssop Tissue Paper Package Design
Clever Tissue Paper Package Design Display

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