Fimacs Fruit Juice

Fimacs Fruit Juice Collection Label Design


Project Type | Branding

Date | 5-11-2017

Client | De-Fimacs Dynamic Company

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

This project covers the label design for Fimacs Fruit Juice Collection which includes: Mixed Fruit Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Black Currant Juice. The aim is to create a catchy and suited product label with the capacity to attract and retain customers for De-Fimacs Dynamic Company.

Company Description

De-Fimacs Dynamic Company is into the production and packaging of fruit juice with great taste. Her Products includes Fimacs Mixed De-Fimacs Dynamic Company is into production and packaging of varieties of high-quality fruit juice with great taste. De-Fimacs Dynamic Company is located at Mgbidi town in Imo State.

Brand Colours

The choice of colour for each product label is dependent on the juice flavour.  Since the PET bottle is transparent and juice content can be seen, choosing a matching colour is very important to create a colour balance.

Fimacs Mixed Fruit Logo

Fimacs Logo is combination type of logo with the wordmark “Fimacs” dominating (to ensure the legibility of the brand’s name). The Brand name Fimacs was stylishly arranged and underlined with strokes to depict flow. The liquid drop illustrations depict juice.

Fimacs Mixed Fruit Label
Fimacs Mixed Fruit Juice Display
Fimacs Pineapple Logo
Fimacs Pineapple Label
Fimacs Pineapple Juice Display
Fimacs Black Currant Logo
Fimacs Black Currant Juice Label
Fimacs Black Currant Juice Display
Fimacs Mixed Fruit Juice Poster
Fimacs Juice Collection Flyer

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  1. Do you work for small and medium scale Enterprise, want to no an what are charges for only label design for juice

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