Esorleans Brand Design

Esorleans Brand Design


Project Type | Branding

Date | 26-07-2016

Client | Esorleans Designs & Decor

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

This project covers Logo design, and other vital marketing collateral necessary for adverting and marketing the Esorleans’ brand.

Company Description

Esorleans is a brand that takes delight in planning, furnishing, and decoration of homes, offices. They put up their creativity to ensure that you live in style.

Brand Colours

Green is the primary colour of the brand, this depicts wealth and creativity. It is blended with other bright colours (yellow, red, pink, purple, and ocean blue) to reflect the brand’s design and decoration business.

Esorleans Logo Design

Big E which is an initial for Esorleans was carved out from a colorful circle. At the last stroke of the letter ‘E’ is the plan of a sitting room (a door that is open, a circular center table and a couch). It was embedded to give a brief of what the company does – interior decoration.  A legible font was used to aid the memorization of the brand’s name.

Plan of a sitting room embedded on the last stroke of the Letter E
Esorleans Logo Design
Esorleans Logo Design Display
Esorleans Logo Design Display
Esorleans Business Card Design Display
Esorleans Business Card Display
Esorleans Letter Head Design Display

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