Dynamic Teens Initiative Brand Design

Dynamic Teens Initiative Brand Design


Project Type | Branding

Date | 27-05-2016

Client | Dynamic Teens Initiative (DTI)

Designer | Obinwugo Chinaza C.

Project Description

The project covers graphic designs and prints for DTI. This includes Logo Design, Business Card design and prints, Letter Head design and print, Polo customization, Vision Card design and print, social media campaign image design.

Company Description

Dynamic Teens Initiative aims at improving the system of education by introducing life skills to the system. They are also passionate about helping teenagers become exceptional and tap into higher versions of themselves.

Brand Colours

The target market for the brand is Africa (starting from Nigeria) thus, the colour choice was inspired by Pan African Colours: green, yellow and red. For DTI Green depicts wealth, Red depicts Passion, while Yellow depicts optimism.

DTI Logo Design White Background

The two hands (one trying to help the other ) was inspired by the brand’s main aim: helping the teens to reach their full potentials. The Bold DTI stands for Dynamic Teens Initiative – this aids memorization of the brand’s name.

DTI Logo Design Dark Background
DTI Logo Display
DTI Logo Display on Polo
DTI Business Card and Customized Mug Display
DTI Business Card Display
DTI Letter Head and Business Card Display
Dynamic Teen Initiative Character
DTI Vision Card Display
DTI Facebook Cover Picture Design
DTI Social Media AD

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