Responsive Display of Chidire Website

Chidire Industries Website Design


Project Type | Web Design

Date Started | 06. Aug. 2018

Client | Chidire Industries

Website Link |

Designer | Chinaza Obinwugo

Project Description

A responsive business website that perfectly defines Chidire Industries. It showcases their products and services. The website menu include: Welcome | About Us | Contact | Blog | Let’s Recycle.

Aim: 1. Responsive and user friendliness. 2. To convert potential customers to active customers. 3. To create a positive brand perception of Chidire Industries. 4. To convert website visitors to customers.

Company Description

Since its start-up as plastics waste recycling firm, Chidire Industries has grown into diverse light manufacturing. They have gained a strong reputation for their excellent product quality, and their spectrum of light manufacturing and business activities encompass:

  • Recycled petrochemical pellets and flakes manufacturing (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, etc.)
  • Film extrusion rolls manufacturing (HDPE, LDPE, PP)
  • Plastics products manufacturing (spoons, cups, plates, combs, sieves, etc.)
  • Polyethene bag manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceuticals packages.

Branding Colours

The brand colours are Green, Orange, and Yellow. Green which is the signature colour depicts growth and liveliness. Orange depicts friendliness, while Yellow stands for Optimism. Yellow and Orange acting as the supporting colours were necessary to make the website catchy.

Desktop View of Chidire Website
Tablet View of Chidire Website
Mobile View of Chidire Website
Responsive Display of Chidire Website
Mobile Display of Chidire Website
Welcome Page of Chidire Website

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