Is Branding Really Necessary?

Is Branding Really Necessary?
You probably have been told that it will help you make more sales and even dignify your business and make you stand out, you have heard all of these [...]

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You’ve often, if not always heard the term ‘brand’. Possibly, you’ve been advised to invest in branding or rebranding your business and you’ve been wondering why the much emphasis.

Or maybe you know but you’ve not really understood what you stand to gain by investing in branding your business.

You probably have been told that it will help you make more sales and even dignify your business and make you stand out, you have heard all of these but there is more to branding than increased sales and we will walk you right through the essence of branding but not without giving you a more solid explanation of what branding is.

So, What Really is Branding?

Branding is a journey you embark on which involves but not limited to understanding your business and helping others understand it too by creating the right visuals and messages, setting standards, devising strategies, carving your own niche, and making promises that you won’t compromise on.

Branding is a journey you can’t afford to embark on, alone. You are not allowed to be both the driver and ‘the passenger’.

Ijele Tea product package designed by Ultigraph Designs
Ijele Tea product package designed by Ultigraph Designs

Result of Branding

Branding when done right turns your business to a brand which makes your business stand out from those of your competitors and makes for easy identification and recognition among your customers. We can say a brand is general impression customers or potential customers have based on their interaction with your business.

Branding is a journey, a brand is the destination.

IncluSystems Roll Up Banner Designed by Ultigraph Designs - Part of Brand Collateral of IncluSystems
IncluSystems Roll Up Banner designed by Ultigraph Designs – Part of brand collateral of IncluSystems.

What then is the Need for Branding?

A. Differentiation

Branding Marks Differentiation

Every business or at least, most businesses possess qualities that make them different. It could be in their approach, values, price, target market, or strategy.

While you all may be in the same business, there are always distinguishing factors and those factors are made evident by your branding.

This is because, while branding, you communicate who you are, your strategies, your standards, importantly, you also use quality visuals to define and differentiate yourself in the market, making it easier for you to be singled out from the crowd.

Interestingly, branding gives you the opportunity to communicate your promise which is an area which lays bare, your uniqueness and largely influences your clients’ decision to associate or not to associate with you.

When you invest quality time and resources in branding your business, your brand will exude such aura that’d always make you stand out.

B. Identification

Branding for Identity - Ultigraph Designs

It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. The crowd doing the same thing as you can easily swallow you up but what makes you easily recognizable is your branding. The quality of investment that went into your brand development will always tell in your brand.

Branding offers you opportunities to establish a brand that cannot be confused for another.

When you engage the right arsenals in your branding journey, you become easily recognizable and identifiable and importantly, you are restful because you are aware that the crowd would not swallow you and your clients will always recognize you.

C. Value and Trust

Branding communicates value; which helps create trust - The Ultigraph Designs

With powerful branding, you are sending a message of value and when a value is communicated, trust automatically is established.

People are on the look for trustworthy brands. By branding your business, you are sending a signal that you can be trusted. On a practical note, in making deliveries, people make use of credible delivery services because they can be trusted and if anything happens, they can be held accountable.

When you invest in branding your business, you implicitly communicate a message of value making it easier for your potential customers and customers to trust you and refer other customers to you on the basis of that trust.

D. Responsibility

Branding instils the sense of responsibility - The Ultigraph Designs

Branding holds as much value for you as a person as it does for your business.

When you get to your destination, a sense of responsibility is instilled in you to maintain all you have worked to develop; the promise, strategy, value, and uniqueness because you are your business.

With a sense of responsibility, you are more focused, consistent, and innovative because you are connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

However, considering the inconsistencies and fluctuations of people’s emotional states, a sense of responsibility is instilled in you to ensure that despite their emotional state at any given time, your business is favoured and trust me, that is work and if work has to be done, someone just has to take responsibility.

Branding gives you a sense of responsibility.

Branding is a Journey

Branding is a Journey - The Ultigraph Designs
Branding is a Journey – The Ultigraph Designs

With our understanding of what branding is and what it holds, it is very paramount we understand that it is a journey you can’t afford to embark on without a good driver, conductor and clear-headed passengers.

So, back to our question.

Is Branding Really Necessary?

Obviously! Branding is really necessary if you must thrive in today’s market.

Why? To stand out, you need to be a brand and you don’t become a brand without embarking on branding as a journey.

At Ultigraph Designs, we embark on this journey with you assuring you a safe ride.

Remember, if your business is to make sales, stand out, initiate a bond between you and your customers then the right arsenals have to be put in place at the right time and place and this has been our journey with our clients over the years and it is our pleasure to welcome you on board.

We can embark on this branding journey with you with a strong guarantee that you’d reach your destination.

Thanks for reading through.


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