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Chike learned how to prepare delicious Nkwobi from his mother. He took over from his mother and became better than her [...]

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Often, Businesses do face the challenge of trying to change the logo which they have been known for when they want to expand or change the business model to something different from what they are presently known for.

I will be using a scenario to describe the challenge a business that wants to change to or add a new business model can face if the logo isn’t planned for the change or expansion.

Chike learned how to prepare delicious Nkwobi from his mother. He took over from his mother and became better than her. He has lots of customers that patronize him. The business is booming. So, he decided to take the business to the next level. He wants to build a brand that people will always remember. He thought of a better name. He chose Chefike (gotten from Chef Chike). Next in line is to create a logo. So, he met a designer for that. The Designer asked Chike what his business is all about, Chike replied “Selling of well prepared and packaged Nkwobi” So, the designer came up with this logo:

Logo Design
Chefike Logo

The Designer illustrated the head of a cow as part of the logo because the cow’s leg is the main component of Nkwobi delicacy. The designer decided not to illustrate the leg of a cow because most people won’t understand that.

Chike loved the logo because it portrays exactly what he does: Nkwobi. He printed designs for billboards, brochures, flyers, business cards and other marketing materials with his logo boldly placed on the designs for memorization of the brand’s name and sign.

His Nkwobi Business continues to grow. People now recognize Chefike brand once they see it. They are conversant with the brand’s logo. Chike has made lots of money from his Nkwobi business, so he wants to expand to a related service & product: a full-blown restaurant where all kinds of dishes (both local & continental) will be sold. He wants to add a mini hotel to this restaurant, where customers that want to sleep over can stay. He wants to add professional laundry service too so that they can cater to the laundry needs of the customers staying in the mini hotel.

There is a problem now; the Logo.

Logo Design
Chefike Logo

It has a cow illustration on it that is limiting the business to only Nkwobi.

It has Cow illustration on it which represents Nkwobi. Chefike wants to introduce new foods in addition to Nkwobi which they are known for. Also, hotel and laundry services will be added too. But the Chefike well-known logo has a Cow illustration on it that is limiting the business to Nkwobi. It became a challenge for Chike. He has to go for a new logo design, to accommodate his new products & services. As a result, people will start afresh to subconsciously memorize this new logo. Chike, his workers, his customers will definitely miss the logo that has journeyed with them since the humble beginning of Chefike.

But, this wouldn’t have been the case if the expansion factor has been considered during the logo design process. There will be no need to go for a new logo design had it been that the Logo was designed this way:

Chefike Logo
Chike shouldn’t be going for new logo design if he has this ab Initio

In this case the focus is on the producer (Chef) that can make lots of food and cater for other hospitality services (in contrast to placing the focus on a particular food). A Chef hat illustration would have been more accommodating than cow’s head that limited Chefike to Nkwobi.

If Chefike wants to expand beyond food and hospitality business, let’s say they want to go into cloth production too, then this can serve:

Chefike Logo
Chefike more general Logo

In this case, the focus is on the core value of Chefike. A Diamond illustration can represent a quality output. So, this can be interpreted as the quality output of Chefike Limited. This covers for all kinds of products and services Chefike might want to venture into.

We consider this factor at The Ultigraph Designs when designing a logo for a client. It’s part of our questionnaire, we do ask clients if they plan to change the business model in the future. Nevertheless, It’s ok to design a logo that is limited to a particular product or service when a change of model or expansion to unrelated present products or services is out of place.

It’s a wise act to know how far you want to go and plan for the future when it comes to logo design, this also applies to business naming.

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