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  • What is the nature of your vehicle branding?
    We carefully take your vehicle measurements, create the right designs for your brand, and print it on SAV (Sticker). Afterward, we brand your vehicle with it by pasting the SAV on the body of the vehicle.
  • How long does it last?
    Under proper usage conditions, our vehicle branding can last up to 1 year before any noticeable fading occurs. The longevity of the branding is influenced by factors such as weather conditions, regular vehicle washing, and overall vehicle management. In the event of fading after the 1-year mark, we recommend considering a the change of the SAV (Sticker) to maintain the visual impact and effectiveness of your advertisement.
  • Does it peel?
    No, we use high-quality stickers, and we provide a perfect finish. Under normal conditions, the stickers will not peel.
  • Must I bring my vehicle to your office for branding?
    No, we can come to your location to get your vehicle branded. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Can I remove the vehicle branding without damaging my vehicle's paint?
    Yes, the quality SAV is professionally installed and it is removable without damaging the vehicle's paint. It's crucial to follow proper removal procedures. You can call us for the removal service.
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